General Information:

J. Alden Associates, Inc. is an independent securities broker-dealer founded upon the principal of providing clients with the highest quality investments and financial advice. J. Alden Associates, Inc. has a correspondent relationship with Raymond James & Associates which acts as our clearing firm.

Our independence from large brokerage firms allows unbiased recommendations and the use of all products to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Towards that aim, our financial advisors- most of whom have at least 20 years of experience and advanced professional designations- utilize institutional level research from a variety of sources.  In addition, we have close working relationships with other highly regarded specialists in the accounting, law, and financial services industry.

Our clearing firm, Raymond James & Associates, carries all of our accounts. This means that Raymond James & Associates holds all securities, generates statements, performs centralized cashiering, bookkeeping and order execution services. Importantly, we have access to all of Raymond James & Associates's resources and personnel.

Regular accounts are insured to $5,000,000 ($500,000 from SPIC). Resource Management Accounts and Business Services Accounts have full value protection (of course, insurance does not cover potential losses from adverse market conditions).


The following information is provided to meet the requirements of SEC rule 11Ac1-6. In order to obtain the best executions, we may route orders to leading market makers; such as: Nite, Trimark, Raymond James & Associates or others. We may be remunerated for this. Details will be provided upon request.

Raymond James has purchased excess SIPC coverage through various syndicates of Lloyd's, a London-based firm. Excess SIPC is fully protected by the Lloyd's trust funds and Lloyd's Central Fund. The additional protection currently provided has an aggregate firm limit of $750 million, including a sub-limit of $1.9 million per customer for cash above basic SIPC for the wrongful abstraction of customer funds.